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Management, Leadership, Projects and Future Considerations

Now that I understand that leadership is far more than a collection of personality traits, I feel that I am able to offer leadership that both suits my personality and my gender within our school division and in the wider educational arena.  Aspects of complexity theory, transformational, emergent and distributed leadership allow for leadership that is … Continue reading

Opportunities for Distance Education

The rapid development of mobile telecommunications and of very portable computer hardware is raising people’s expectations for anytime, anywhere access to education.  Distance education is uniquely poised to address this need for a wide range of educational situations. Basic education, a critical need in many parts of the world, is being delivered in a variety … Continue reading

World Issues for Educational Leaders

The major issue facing educational leaders outside of North America is how to participate in the Knowledge Era while maintaining and honoring local identities and cultures.  The most efficient way to enter the Knowledge Era is to adopt the learning styles of North Americans and Western Europeans, but these learning styles do not always acknowledge … Continue reading

Major Issues in Educational Leadership in North America

While it is difficult to speak of single educational solutions considering the many forms of education we enjoy in North America, the major issue facing educational leaders is that of bringing education into the Knowledge Era.  Ironic as it may sound,  education in many instances has retained the forms and practices of the industrial age.  In order … Continue reading

Which Educational Leadership Style?

Which Leadership Style for Education? Books on leadership abound and those looking to develop leadership skills are offered a plethora of leadership styles and programs. After reading about various leadership theories, observing some of them being practiced and reflecting on the effects various leadership styles have had on my performance as a teacher, I have … Continue reading

Leadership in Education – Theory and Practice

This is the portfolio details my growing understanding of the theory and practice of leadership in education and particularly in distance education.  The portfolio is the capstone project fo EDDE 804 at Athatbasca University, a course taught by Dr. Martha Cleveland-Innes from Jan. to April, 2011. If you have an interest in education and how … Continue reading