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Which Educational Leadership Style?

Which Leadership Style for Education?

Books on leadership abound and those looking to develop leadership skills are offered a plethora of leadership styles and programs. After reading about various leadership theories, observing some of them being practiced and reflecting on the effects various leadership styles have had on my performance as a teacher, I have concluded that leadership styles can be placed on a continuum from trait-based to distributed leadership.


           Transactional             Emergent                                 Distributed


Trait-                       Situational                             Transformational                   Complexity


The continuum indicates a trend in leadership theory from a tightly held individual responsibility to a theory which holds everyone accountable. It goes from Trait-based leadership which resides in an individual and is positional through a gradual distribution of responsibilities until complexity leadership in which has responsibility for success and accomplishment. I have not included Tribal Leadership as I have not learned enough about it to place it on the continuum. It has similarities to Connectivism which would be encompassed by Complexity Leadership Theory – for the time being until it is more fully developed.


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Wandering in exploration. Mom, Grandma, teacher, competitive fencer and fascinated by the possibilities social networking offers teachers to collaborate and form professional learning communities.


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